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"نور آبی به عنوان یک داروی طبیعی برای مقابله با تعدادی از بیماری های شایع" 1397/02/27

Blue light as a natural medicine to counteract a number of widespread ailments: on the basis of studies carried out in Germany, the UK and the USA it can be proved that especially intensive, bluish ultraviolet light can help relieve back pain or the itching caused by dermatitis, and make people more able-bodied and efficient. An institute has been founded in a small town in the south of Germany where patients can undergo frequency therapy using ultraviolet light. “The concept has become highly popular in the United States,” Dr. Kerstin Bortfeldt explained on the opening of the instatera institute in Bad Mergentheim. “Our goal is to convince patients in Germany to opt for this form of alternative medicine”. Dr. Bortfeldt is the owner of the new practice Professor Dr. Christoph Suschek, expert on light-induced processes at the University of Düsseldorf, adds: “Blue light triggers processes within the body that subsequently combat pain”. These are extremely complex processes that take place in the human body when a patient is subjected to high concentrations of blue light at a wavelength of around 450 nanometres. This light also activates thermal energy in the body, which in turn triggers the production of nitrogen monoxide (NO). This immediately affects the nerve endings, stems the transmission of pain and actively helps prevent inflammation. On the basis of current scientific knowledge, there is a lot to be said for nitrogen monoxide as an aid for treating injured or strained muscles.

PLD Magazine June.2017

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